Decisions made?

Firstly, thanks for the comments on my little meltdown the other day. Being the control freak that I am, I like to plan and manoeuvre every minute detail of my life and I know I needed to have a firm idea in my head should we be offered donor embryos.

I am clearer. We have talked, a lot. The upshot is that if offered, we would gladly accept the opportunity to extend our family.

I am a worrier, but when all around me (with less of an emotional state of mind) tell me that it’ll be ok and we will manage just fine, I know they are right. Love IS what bonds us, not genetics.

I just wanted to check I wasn’t pushing things too far. Many years ago when we first started I never thought I would end up using donor eggs, but the repeated failures make you reassess. Donor embryos takes us a step further and I needed to check that I wasn’t losing touch with reality.

So, we fly on Wednesday. That will be one emotional trip, not just about what’s ahead of us but taking Tiger back.

My eyes are watering at the thought.

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One Response to Decisions made?

  1. Valery says:

    I agree very much with you and your commenters from your previous post. Personally I’m years behind you, just saying our last goodbyes to my genetics before our first donor egg cycle attempt. And was surprised when my partner said he wanted to write a goodbye letter to the genetic child we will never have together. Before we embark on the DE cycle. So maybe when you make the step to donor embryo there is some loss to grieve as well. The loss of a ‘genetically balanced’ sibling, the loss for your partner. I guess I’m trying to say that if it makes you and/or him feel sad and worried it might just be the grief, and not because you don’t want to do it.
    Mhm, sorry if I didn’t explain myself clearly. Good luck with the FET.

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