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5 months

“If you’ve nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”. I suppose that’s been my motto over the last few months. But maybe it’s time to find some sort of voice. What that looks like I’m really not sure … Continue reading

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Full to capacity

I got a call from the hospital late on Thursday evening. Would I be able to come in at 7.30am instead of 11am as they were able to move my surgery up to 8.30am. So early on Friday morning we … Continue reading

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6th July

A date that will be etched on my mind forever. I don’t even know where to begin. – Blood. Lots of it in the early evening. – Clots – 999 call to the ambulance due to huge blood loss – … Continue reading

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Take Two

We had our second private scan this week. Much more in depth than the first one so gave me an opportunity to ask questions and take things in more easily. The upshot is we still have two heartbeats pumping away. … Continue reading

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We so wanted a heartbeat

Instead we got two!!!!*d And I also got a haematoma for my troubles (haematoma is probably not spelt right but I daren’t google it). Unsurprisingly, today has mostly consisted of nervous laughter.

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11 days

In 11 days we will know our fate. The bleeding stopped last week which was a huge relief. I had another heart stopping moment where one of my HPT’s looked lighter than the day before. I’m not convinced if it’s … Continue reading

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It’s a bit like this…..

4 dp 5 dt I got a faint positive 5 dp 5 dt HCG – 49 7 dp 5 dt HCG – 125 7 dp 5 dt I started spotting pink/brown 8 dp 5 dt I had pink/red spotting. More … Continue reading

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All’s fine….sort of

Firstly the good news. We are back home with two embryos where they should be. They survived the thaw and were rated as two grade 1 hatching blastocysts. Interesting considering that the ‘left over’ embryos from our fresh cycle were … Continue reading

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Decisions made?

Firstly, thanks for the comments on my little meltdown the other day. Being the control freak that I am, I like to plan and manoeuvre every minute detail of my life and I know I needed to have a firm … Continue reading

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Decisions decisions

We fly out next week for our FET. Wednesday in fact, with transfer on Thursday. I am just on my way home from Top London Clinic after having immune treatment. Full of egg and soya…intralipids style. I had raised cytokine … Continue reading

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